Idaho so far....

 Lots of time spent taking care of the 1 acre yard and flood irrigating!  (It's kind of magical)

Making friends with the horses in the property behind us. (They love apples!)

.......There is a tractor in my garage!...... not sure when I'll get used to this one!

Love the smell of mashed potatoes in the air from the nearby factories....  

Planting a vegetable garden

Garden plot - before any work had been done

Just Planted my first Garden.....I feel so Rural!
Growning, Growing, Growing!

After 1 month!  It's still alive!!!

Strawberries coming in!
Looking forward to Strawberries, Grapes, Apples, Crab Apples, Zucchini, Tomato, Squash, Spinach and Lettuce, 4 kinds of Bell Peppers, Corn and a pumpkin! 

Little baby cute!

Plans for the summer....

Craters of the Moon National Monument 
Lava Hot Springs
Bear Lake
Island Park

Theme song for the year - Awake my Soul by Mumford and Sons......LOVE IT!

Beautiful fresh flowers from the garden outside

These Peonies were my favorite!

Enjoying those beautiful Idaho sunsets!

If you can't tell.....We are loving our life in Idaho so far!


Us said...

You're really making me miss Idaho. Wish we could pick up and move next door to you. Love everything! And your list is perfect!

The Quayles said...

I am so happy you're loving Idaho! I miss you soooo much! I want to see you, but I'd settle for just chatting!